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List of Top Chinese Hip Hop Artists

A country as large as China and a country that has had as many natives living in the heart of American cities, and within American culture, Chinese rappers, or at least rappers that perform in the language of Mandarin and at times Cantonese, are slowly building a prominent rap scene of Chinese hip-hop artists worldwide.

Assuming that hip hop has been played in Chinese markets over the past few decades, Chinese rap music and the appearance of Chinese rappers began during the time of the 2000s, when the genre was at its earliest stages.

While in the country of China, government restrictions and oversight controlling the input of outside media have harmed the growth of hip hop, but with the expansion of the internet and online usage hip hop music eventually gained hundreds of thousands of global Chinese fans.

Top Chinese Rappers

Some of the first faces of Chinese rap music were the likes of MC Jin. Making his debut during the 2000s freestyling and battling MCs on BET’s 106 and Park, MC Jin eventually became an overnight sensation and one of the biggest Chinese stars, while also being one of the very first Asian rappers to ever reach the mainstream.

Outside of America, Chinese performing rappers like MC HotDog, Yin Ts’ang, and the Higher Brothers are some of the first to appear in the Chinese rap and hip hop scene.

To be clear, the reference of Chinese rappers only refers to rappers that perform in the language of Chinese, whether Mandarin or Cantonese. Today, there are numerous Chinese hip hop artists that come from various places, like Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, New York City, and multiple cities throughout North America, and both East Asia and Southeast Asia.

With top producers like Harikari, contestant shows like Rap of China, international brands like 88Rising, the mastering and the perfecting of hip-hop displayed by rappers like Kumachan and Tizzy T, a representation of women through top artists like VaVa, NineOne, and Vinida Weng, and pioneers like the Higher Brothers (KnowKnow, MaSiWei, Psy.P, and Melo) and MC HotDog continuing at the forefront, Chinese hip hop music has been gaining momentum over the past few years.

Top 12 Chinese Hip Hop Artists

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1. Higher Brothers Follow on Instagram: Higher Brothers and Watch on YouTube: Higher Brothers

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2. mc hotdog Follow on Instagram: mc hotdog and Watch on YouTube: mc hotdog

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3. Know Know Follow on Instagram: Know Know and Watch on YouTube: Know Know

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4. VaVa Follow on Instagram: VaVa and Watch on YouTube: VaVa

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5. Vinida Weng Follow on Instagram: Vinida Weng and Watch on YouTube: Vinida Weng

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6. Tizzy T Follow on Instagram: Tizzy T and Watch on YouTube: Tizzy T

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7. Kumachan Follow on Instagram: Kumachan and Watch on YouTube: Kumachan

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8. NINEONE Follow on Instagram: NINEONE and Watch on YouTube: NINEONE

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9. Psy.P Follow on Instagram: Psy.P and Watch on YouTube: Psy.P

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10. Capper Follow on Instagram: Capper and Watch on YouTube: Capper

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11. PG ONE Follow on Instagram: PG ONE and Watch on YouTube: PG ONE

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12. Melo Follow on Instagram: Melo and Watch on YouTube: Melo

Honorable Mention Chinese Rappers

JelloRio Instagram: JelloRio and YouTube: JelloRio

AJ LAI Instagram: AJ LAI and YouTube: AJ LAI

After Journey Instagram: After Journey and YouTube: After Journey

al rocco Instagram: al rocco and YouTube: al rocco

Bohan Phoenix Instagram: Bohan Phoenix and YouTube: Bohan Phoenix

PO8 Instagram: PO8 and YouTube: PO8

Asen Instagram: Asen and YouTube: Asen

BCW Instagram: BCW and YouTube: BCW

MC耀宗 Instagram: MC耀宗 and YouTube: MC耀宗

lil jet Instagram: lil jet and YouTube: lil jet

Cykko Instagram: Cykko and YouTube: Cykko

Gali Instagram: Gali and YouTube: Gali

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