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Top Rappers from Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world, or at least one of the world’s more popular spots, has an underground music scene of Las Vegas rappers.  In a place known as Sin City, it can be hard for any of the rappers from Las Vegas to make it to another level in a city that is overrun by out of towners and various entertainment attractions, but the city in the desert has produced some well-known artists that have gained nationwide success.

Las Vegas is a decent size city, but with the urban communities of West Vegas, the East Side, and North Las Vegas, which are in close vicinity of one another, there is not nearly a large enough community to produce a large rap scene or big enough hip hop market.  A plus for Las Vegas is the very affordable cost of living and being only a couple hours away from California that has brought in a large batch of California residents, from Los Angeles to the Bay Area.

With Las Vegas being a transplant city and place that is very diverse, the rap scene is mix of different genres of rap.  The Las Vegas rap scene consists of street rappers, artists like Yowda, who was linked with Rick Ross and has been around for some time, and Tha Landlord, another artists that has been making noise as one of the city’s main artists for almost ten years.

Then there are artists like Dizzy Wright and Baby Keem, the two largest artists that are originally from Las Vegas.  Millions of views and streams and thousands of fans, Dizzy Wright and Baby Keem are more mainstream artists as their music draws in a much larger crowd than just being niche and having a limited fanbase.  As with every city, the growth of hip hop and rap music has only grown the roster of Las Vegas rappers into a respectable rap scene, from top nationwide rappers to underground up and coming rappers from Las Vegas.

Top 15 Las Vegas Rappers

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1. Baby Keem  follow on Instagram: @BabyKeem and watch more on Youtube: Baby Keem

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2. Dizzy Wright follow on Instagram: @DizzyHippy and watch more on YouTube: Dizzy Wright

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3. Dylan Jacob follow on Instagram: @Dylan Jacob and watch more on Youtube: Dylan Jacob

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4. Ekoh follow on Instagram: @Ekoh and watch more on Youtube: Ekoh

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5. Yowda follow on Instagram: @Yowda and watch more on Youtube: Yowda

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6. Tha Landlord follow on Instagram: @Tha Landlord and watch more on Youtube: Tha Landlord

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7. GOG King Majesty follow on Instagram: @GOG King Majesty and watch more on Youtube: GOG King Majesty

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8. D. Cross follow on Instagram: @D. Cross and watch more on Youtube: D. Cross

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9. TwoCeez follow on Instagram: @TwoCeez and watch more on Youtube: TwoCeez

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10. Naybahood VI follow on Instagram: @Naybahood VI and watch more on Youtube: Naybahood VI

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11. Veronica Cooper follow on Instagram: @Veronica Cooper and watch on Youtube: Veronica Cooper

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12. Dat Boi Skeet follow on Instagram: @Dat Boi Skeet and watch more on Youtube: Dat Boi Skeet

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13. Dula-Mite follow on Instagram: @Dula-mite and watch more on YouTube: Dula-Mite

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14. Lit Soxx follow on Instagram: @Lit Soxx and watch more on Youtube: Lit Soxx

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15. Weebo follow on Instagram: @Weebo and watch more on Youtube: Weebo

Honorable Mention Rappers from Las Vegas

Luccy2x (R.I.P) Youtube: Luccy2x

James West follow on Instagram: @James West and on Youtube: James West

greez blanko follow on Instagram: @greez blanko and on Youtube: greez blanko

bay Blu follow on Instagram: @Bay Blu and on Youtube: Bay Blu

Benzo300 follow on Instagram: @Benzo300 and on Youtube: Benzo300

Tr3 Bizzl3 follow on Instagram: @Tr3 Bizzl3 and on Youtube: Tr3 Bizzl3

Twanny G follow on Instagram: @Twanny G and on Youtube: Twanny G

Pooh Pistols follow on Instagram: @PaccinPistola and on Youtube: Pooh Pistols

Wolf Dotson follow on Instagram: @Wolf Dotson and on Youtube: Wolf Dotson

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email

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