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Map of Cincinnati Hoods (Full Tour of Cincinnati Streets)

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Map of Cincinnati Hoods

Full Tour of the Cincinnati Ghetto and Hood Areas

Straight down I-71 through Ohio is one of the states larges city with a number of Cincinnati hoods from the West Side to the North Side to the East Side to the city’s Downtown area. While there may be Cincinnati gangs, this map highlights the hoods and the Cincinnati ghetto and urban areas.

Map Key: Blue = North Side  |  Red = West Side  |  Black = Downtown/East  |  Green = East Side

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Viewing the map take a trip to the Cincinnati hoods of the city’s Downtown area, which consists of the Linn Street area (West End) and the Over the Rhine community. Once labeled as one America’s most dangerous neighborhoods years ago, the Downtown area expands along Liberty Street from I-75 to Reading Road.

Just north of the Downtown area is some of the city’s oldest and most reputable Cincinnati Hoods, areas like Corryville, Mt. Auburn, Walnut Hills, Evanston, and the largest neighborhood of the Cincinnati ghetto, Avondale. These neighborhoods have been around since the early 1900s and some of the city’s most historic and most notable hoods, despite gentrification moving.

Across I-75 enter the West Side. A large section that was began in the Cumminsville neighborhood and eventually expanded as far as the borders of Westwood is mainly home to apartment buildings and housing complexes.  While neighborhoods like English Woods and the housing complexes of Cumminsville are mainly of the past, along streets like Harrison, McHenry, and Queen City resides the heart of the West Side.

The North Side, which has been growing since the 1970s, is a large area with Brick City’s Winton Terrace, College Hills, the apartments of Mt. Airy, and the suburb areas of Mt Healthy, Finney Town and Forest Park. The most known of the Cincinnati hoods of the North Side is Lincoln Heights.  Nicknamed Zone 15, Lincoln Heights is a city of its own and has been around for generations.

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