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Top 15 Cincy Rappers: 2022’s List of Best Rappers from Cincinnati

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Cincinnati Rappers

 List of Top Rappers from Cincinnati

In one of the largest cities in Ohio, and in the Midwest, resides a music scene of some of the country’s most talented, Cincinnati rappers, that are easily next in line for the spotlight of the nation’s top rap scene.

While sports, with Cincinnati being the home of boxer Adrien Broner, who has had a positive impact on the local rap scene, and sport teams of Bengals, Reds and college’s Xavier and the University of Cincinnati, has most of the city’s attention from the outside world, the rise of the local music scene of hip hop and rappers from Cincinnati will give the city something else to be known for.

While rap artists from Cincinnati have never made it on the big stage or never had the chance to make a major impact in the music industry as other cities, other than the old Cincinnati hip hop artist and producer of Hi-Tek during the 1990s and early 2000s, things are certainly to change with the current talent base of artists that have already made nationwide moves.

With the talent that the city of Cincinnati currently consists, from the longevity of Prince Bopp, the recent rise of YTB Trench, Skylar Blatt linking with international rap stars like Meek Mill, or the Roadrunner brand truly running the streets, it should be at any moment when the local rappers from Cincinnati reach stardom as there are numerous Cincinnati rappers who are on the rise and are up and coming, and not just in the city, but also nationwide.

Top 15 Cincinnati Rappers

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1. Prince Bopp, follow on Instagram: @Prince_Bopp and watch more on Youtube: Prince Bopp

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2. YTB Trench, follow on Instagram: @YTB Trench and watch more on Youtube: YTB Trench

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3. Skylar Blatt, follow on Instagram: : @SkylarBlatt and watch more on YouTube: Skylar Blatt

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4. Roadrunner TB, follow on Instagram: @Roadrunner TB and watch more on Youtube: Roadrunner TB

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5. Larry Smith, follow on Instagram: @Larry Smith and watch more on Youtube: Larry Smith

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6. Banks Benjamin, follow on Instagram: @Banks Benjamin and watch more on Youtube: Banks Benjamin

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7. Gaida Noriega, follow on Instagram: @GaidaNoriega and watch more on Youtube: Gaida Noriega

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8. Mundo Shoy, follow on Instagram: @MundoShoy and watch more on Youtube: Mundo Shoy

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9. Birddo, follow on Instagram: @Birddo and watch more on Youtube: Birddo

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10. Roadrunner Savy, follow on Instagram: @Roadrunner Savy and watch more on Youtube: Roadrunner Savy

Honorable Mention Rappers from Cincinnati

Cook Laflare Instagram: @CookLaflare and Youtube: Cook Laflare

Skally Instagram @skally and Youtube: Skally

Benzzo (Choppa Zo) Instagram: @Benzzo and Youtube: Choppa Zo

Dae Wun Instagram: @Dae Wun and Youtube: Dae Wun

Campaign Deezy watch more videos on Youtube: Campaign Deezy

Paydro Instagram: @Paydro and Youtube: Paydro

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*Make sure to leave a comment, for missing artists or anything related to Cincinnati hip hop.

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

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