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Top 12 Columbus Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Columbus Ohio List

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Top Columbus Rappers:

List of Best Rappers from Columbus Ohio

The capital city of one of the hottest states in the rap game, Columbus rappers, with their talent, have placed themselves in the mix of the top Ohio rap artists. While Bow Wow, teen sensation rapper of the 2000s, was originally from the area, but rappers from Columbus Ohio never made it to a national stage, or ever built a fairly decent rap scene locally.

With hip hop exploding in popularity in the music industry, the rap game is set to have a few Columbus rappers to represent the Midwest in hip hop. While most rappers from Columbus Ohio have listeners and a fanbase solely in the Midwest, mainly throughout Ohio, Michigan, and the Chicagoland area, momentum has been picking for a handful of artists.

Historically, the city’s urban, or black, entertainment scene had been centered around Long Street, going back decades. Today, with an influx of Columbus rappers booming locally and regionally things look promising for hip hop and music, and entertainment in general, in the city of Columbus with the come up of numerous artists.

In a hip hop scene of rappers from Columbus like EKT 40, IOU T.A., Pimpin Pat, and Shootem Up, all unique in their own form and equally talent, or the rise of female rappers in hip hop with 9ina and Bangg 3’s Bandoo and Kold Killa being among the top artists out of the Midwest, Columbus Ohio rappers are creating something special in the middle of the map.

Top 12 Rappers from Columbus Ohio

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1. EKT 40 follow on Instagram: @EKT 40 and watch on Youtube: EKT 40

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2. 9ina follow on Instagram: @9ina and watch on Youtube: 9ina

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3. IOU TA follow on Instagram: @IOU T.A and watch on Youtube: IOU TA

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4. Bangg 3 follow on Instagram: @Bandoo and @Kold Killa_ and watch on Youtube: Bangg 3

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5. Pimpin Pat follow on Instagram: @Pimpin Pat and watch more on Youtube: Pimpin Pat

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6. ShootEm Up follow on Instagram: @ShootEmUp and watch on Youtube: ShootemUp

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7. MG Sleepy follow on Instagram: @MG Sleepy and watch on Youtube: MG Sleepy

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8. Moe Faygoo follow on Instagram: @Moe Faygoo and watch on Youtube: Moe Faygoo

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9. 10TA Lil A follow on Instagram: @10TA Lil A and watch on Youtube: 10TA Lil A

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10. King Crizzle Follow on Instagram: @King Crizzle and watch on Youtube: King Crizzle

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11. BSE Count follow on Instagram: @BSE Count and watch on Youtube: BSE Count

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12. Tae Fresh Follow on Instagram: @Tae Fresh and watch on Youtube: Tae Fresh

Honorable Mention Columbus Ohio Rappers

BSE PESO Instagram: @BSE PESO and Youtube: BSE PESO

MGM Dave Instagram: @MGM Dave and Youtube: MGM Dave

Southfield G Instagram: Southfield G and Youtube: Southfield G

BSQ Wizzle Instagram: @BSQ Wizzle and Youtube: BSQ Wizzle

liltae2 Instagram: @liltae2 and Youtube: liltae2

mister fto Instagram: @mister fto and Youtube: mister fto

EBN Tre Instagram:  @EBN Tre and Youtube: EBN Tre

EBN SOS Instagram:  @EBN SOS and Youtube: EBN SOS

Sicc Dawg Instagram:  @Sicc Dawg and Youtube: Sicc Dawg

Nutto Instagram:  @Nutto and Youtube: Nutto

Kteezie Koleeon, Instagram: @Kteezie Koleeon and Youtube: Kteezie Koleeon

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com