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Top Columbus, OH Rappers

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Top Columbus Rappers:

List of the Best Rappers from Columbus Ohio

The capital city of Ohio never really had a huge music scene, or ever been known for having one, as Columbus rappers rarely made it to any type of national level or the main stage of the rap game.  While overshadowed by Ohio State University, the Short North entertainment district, and other local attractions, the rise of Columbus Ohio rappers will bring new light to the city and show a completely another side of Columbus.

While the city has produced Bow Wow, no real talent has ever truly came out of the city, unless one considers the days of the historic black district of Long Street that once thrived with entertainment.  With the current level of the city’s top Columbus Ohio rappers things are looking promising for the city of Columbus.  Below is a list of a few of the top current and up and coming Columbus rappers and artist that have the potential to make it on a national level.

Top 12+ Rappers from Columbus Ohio

1. EKT 40, follow on Instagram: @EKT_40 and watch more on Youtube: EKT 40

2. IOU TA, follow on Instagram: @IOU_T.A and watch more on Youtube: IOU TA

3. ShootEm Up, follow on Instagram: @OhLord_ShootEmUp and watch more on Youtube: ShootemUp

4. Bangg 3, follow on Instagram: @Bandoo, @BlasianGoldie, and @Kold Killa_ and watch on Youtube: Bangg 3

5. Pimpin Pat, follow on Instagram: @Pimpin Pat and watch more on Youtube: Pimpin Pat

6. 9ina, follow on Instagram: @9ina and watch more on Youtube: 9ina

7. King Crizzle, follow on Instagram: @King Crizzle and watch more on Youtube: King Crizzle

8. Moe Faygoo, follow on Instagram: @Moe Faygoo and watch more on Youtube: Moe Faygoo

9. 10TA Lil A, follow on Instagram: @10TA Lil A and watch more on Youtube: 10TA Lil A

10. BSQ Wizzle, follow on Instagram: @BSQ Wizzle and watch more on Youtube: BSQ Wizzle

11. EBN Tre, follow on Instagram:  @EBN Tre and watch more on Youtube: EBN Tre

12. MGM Dave, follow on Instagram: @MGM Dave and watch more on Youtube: MGM Dave

Honorable Mention Columbus Ohio Rappers

Cirok Starr, Instagram: @Cirok Starr and Youtube: Cirok Starr

DoubleOTucko, Instagram: @DoubleOTucko and Youtube: DoubleOTucko

Tae Fresh, Instagram: @Tae Fresh and Youtube: Tae Fresh

SouthfieldG, Instagram: SouthfieldG and Youtube: SouthfieldG

K Dolla $ign, follow on Instagram: @K Dolla $ign and watch on Youtube: K Dolla $ign

Kteezie Koleeon, Instagram: @Kteezie Koleeon and Youtube: Kteezie Koleeon

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com