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Map of Columbus Ohio Gangs (Full Tour of Columbus Ohio Hoods)

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Columbus Ohio hoods

Map of Columbus Ohio gangs

In the capital city of Ohio, find a number of Columbus Ohio hoods and many areas were Columbus Ohio gangs once roamed. From the city’s North Side, along Cleveland Ave, to the city’s South Side, along Livingston, to the several sections of the East Side, view the real streets of the Columbus Ohio ghetto and urban areas.

Columbus Ohio gangs, mainly of Bloods and Crips, have been in the city for multiple generations. Like most cities, each era may differ from the other, but most of the Columbus Ohio hoods are still around with exception to gentrification slowly taken over certain inner city neighborhoods. Scroll through the map and view history and info about the hoods and urban areas of Columbus Ohio.

Columbus Ohio Gangs Map Key: Red = Bloods | Blue = Crips | Black = Unknown

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East Side

The streets of the Columbus Ohio ghetto on the East Side reside in three main areas. One being the once historic neighborhood of Bronzeville, home to housing projects like Poindexter and Mt Vernon Plaza, or streets like Mt. Vernon Ave. and Atcheson Street. This section was the most active, but gentrification has been slowly changing the neighborhood.

The other two sections are along Main Street, legendary hoods that have been around for generations like Oak & Wilson and Mound N Berk, and the far East Side, which is mostly Easthaven, James Road, and Elaine Road. As mentioned, gentrification is affecting many East Side neighborhoods, especially everything west of Nelson Road.

South Side

The South Side is mainly centered around Livingston and Whittier, as well along Lockbourne Road, all sitting east of Parsons Ave. The South Side originated from the East Side as the construction of I-71 and the demolishing of sections of the black community forced many to relocate to the South Side during 1950s and 1960s.

The South Side would become one of the most reputable sections of Ohio.  Home to one of the first Columbus Ohio gangs of the Bloods on 22nd Street, along with other well known hoods like Fairwood N Livingston, Lincoln Park, Southfield, and more. With the South Side being close to downtown and affluent areas like German Village, gentrification has moved into sections like Southern Orchards, while many housing complexes have been demolished or closed.

West Side

The most diverse section of the city is the West Side, mixed with blacks, whites, Hispanics, and immigrants. Mostly a working class neighborhood, there are no real hoods of the West Side other than the apartment complexes of South Park and the blocks of the Hilltop.

North Side

The largest section of the city was to home one of largest Columbus Ohio gangs affiliations of Rollin’ 20 Crips, which originated from Long Beach. The North Side was also once home to areas like Windsor Terrace, or the Dub T, and Short North, two of the city’s most notorious neighborhoods, in which were both gentrified.

With the North Side consisting of sections like Milo Grogan, Brentnell, and Agler Road, but the largest is the Linden neighborhoods, from Cleveland Ave. to Hudson Street. Like most sections, gentrification and other factors has led the North Side population to grow further north into areas from the apartments of areas like Tamarack to even further north.

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