Hawaii Gangs

Map of the Hawaii Hoods

Never before seen look into the streets of the Hawaii hoods with a map that breaks down and highlights the most reputable Honolulu gangs and other street affiliations in the many neighborhoods of the island of O’ahu, in which is the heart of Hawaii gangs and street activity.

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While most of Hawaii’s islands do not have affiliations or street activity or any sort of Hawaii gangs activity, the island of O’ahu is the heart of the streets with a few Hawaii hoods in places like Waipahu, Aliamanu, Halawa, Waianae and Kalihi as Bloods, Crips and local affiliations make up for the majority of Honolulu gangs.

The main Hawaii hoods that are seen on the map are the 99 Street Halawa Mob Crips, the Parccyde Sons of Samoa Crips, Kam4 projects, the MDubbz (Mayor Wright), Palolo projects and few hoods in Waipahu like AniAni (Awoodz), Pupuole (PuTown), and Awanei (AWZ).

It is to be noted that the Hawaii hoods are not as dangerous as other communities in the U.S., especially ones on the mainland, but these hoods should be respected as certain Hawaiians and locals will try to hide these areas from the population since Hawaii is a tourist attraction.

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