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Map of Las Vegas Hoods

Las Vegas is a city largely known for its casinos, entertainment, and a lifestyle that has given the city a moniker by the name of “Sin City”. But there is another side, a side that is just a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip, the heart of Las Vegas’ urban areas.

Beyond the bright lights of the Sin City and the Las Vegas Strip explore the different Las Vegas hoods of the West Side, North Las Vegas, and East Side, and discover the various Las Vegas gangs and affiliations within the urban communities of Sin City.

Map of Las Vegas Hoods

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Las Vegas Gangs & Hoods

Despite its high population of homeless and squatters, Nevada’s largest city offers affordable living and has attracted many West Coast residents seeking lower costs of living. As a result, Las Vegas has become a popular destination for these individuals, but at times many have brought with them affiliations from California and mixing with local Las Vegas gangs and cliques.

These sections include the black historic district of West Vegas. West Las Vegas has had a reputation for years, but has often been exaggerated by the media and outsiders. The community has gone through multiple changes, particularly after the city of Las Vegas ended segregation and allowed black residents to live and work outside of West Vegas.

A new generation of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s led to the rise of Las Vegas gangs like the Gerson Park Kingsmen (GPK), who were originally referred as the Ace of Spades, a large gang in West Las Vegas that resided in the former Herbert Gerson Park housing project.

While the Herbert Gerson Park projects were the most well-known location for gang activity, other areas such as The Coast, Madison Terrace, Jetz, and Berkeley Square also had affiliations with Bloods. The Crips were located north of Lake Mead Boulevard in areas like Valley View and Regal Estates.

Las Vegas gangs were not limited to just one area or section of the city, as evidenced by the neighboring East Side and North Las Vegas ghetto communities. Mexican and black populations were prominent in both areas, with infamous hoods like Donna Blocc. Overall, Las Vegas gangs were widespread throughout mostly everything north of Charleston Blvd. and east of Rancho Drive.

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