Wichita Gangs

Map and Tour of the Wichita Hoods

A small Midwestern city, but one of the largest cities in the state of Kansas, despite its size there are a number of Wichita hoods and there are various Wichita gangs scattered throughout the city, from white and Hispanic gangs to the Bloods and the Crips.

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Isolated from many places, with Oklahoma’s Tulsa and Oklahoma City being the nearest two cities, Wichita is a city of almost 400,000 people, the vast majority being white, while blacks and Hispanics account for almost a quarter of the total population.

Nicknamed the Dub K, historically the Hispanic population has been mostly located around Broadway on the North Side or North End, while across the train tracks the African-American community of the city has resided on the Northeast side, from around McAdams Park to N. Oliver Street.

Other Wichita hoods are located south of Kellogg, like Hilltop around Lincoln and Oliver or the Planeview neighborhood, which was originally built for housing of military families before becoming one of Wichita’s low-income communities.

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