Kansas City Hoods

Map of Kansas City Gangs and Ghetto

Nicknamed Killa City, the Kansas City hoods on both sides of the state line (Missouri and Kansas) have been well known for years. With a population of blacks and Mexicans, there are a number of Kansas City gangs, like Bloods, Crips and Surenos, all throughout the Kansas City ghetto areas of Kansas City, Missouri’s East and South sides, and specific sections of Kansas City, Kansas.

Kansas City Gangs Key: Red = Bloods | Blue = Crips | Black = Unknown | Brown = Hispanic Hoods

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The Kansas City hoods of Missouri are made up of multiple sections on the East Side and the South Side. Most of the Kansas City hoods are broken down into the street numbers, Twampside for the 20s, TraSide for the 30s, and the 4Blocc for the 40s, while there smaller hoods of the Kansas City ghetto like 68th Street and 51st Street’s FOG Town. Areas like 12th Street, which was once the heart of the Kansas City ghetto, consists of the housing complexes, like Parker Square, and the city’s largest Mexican population.

Cross state lines, Kansas City, Kansas hood and urban areas are much smaller. Blocks around Quindaro Blvd, the 3rd Street Projects of Juniper Gardens, all in the Uptown are and the West Side of the city, from State Avenue to Highway 5. Kansas City, Kansas has the regions largest Mexican population, in areas like Argentine, Armourdale, and  Central Avenue.

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