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Top Kansas City Rappers

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Kansas City Rappers

List of Best Rappers from Kansas City

The city of Kansas City, which has for a long time has had ties with both the Bay Area and other urban areas of northern California, currently has a handful of Kansas City rappers trying to make a name for themselves.  Despite only having the true national hip hop star of Tech N9ne and his Strange Music brand to represent the city known as Killa City, there are numerous talented rappers from Kansas City.

The history of rappers from Kansas City and the city’s local hip hop scene includes artists like Fat Tone, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Ghetto Kaos, Skatterman, Snug Brim, Rich The Factor, and many more that have paved the way for today’s Kansas City hip hop scene.  

A city that is rich in history from the days of 18th and Vine when Kansas City’s music scene of jazz music was booming has now transform with a music scene that is producing and creating a number of up and coming top Kansas City rappers, all representing a new era of music within the city’s urban communities.

Top Kansas City Rappers

1. Tech N9ne, follow on Instagram: @Tech N9ne and watch more on Youtube: Strange Music

Other @Strange Music Artists: @KrizzKaliko, @TheRealKingISO, UBI, @Stevie Stone, more

2. Yung Cat, follow on Instagram: @Yung Cat and watch more on YouTube: Yung Cat

3. Young Bossi, follow on Instagram: @Young Bossi and watch more on YouTube: Young Bossi

4. Wax Gotti, follow on Instagram: @Wax Gotti and watch more on Youtube: Wax Gotti

5. Lyndale, follow on Instagram: @Lyndale and watch more on Youtube: Lyndale 

6. MB58, follow on Instagram: @MB58 and watch more on YouTube: MB58 

7. Poor Rich Pesos, follow on Instagram: @Poor Rich Pesos and watch more on Youtube: Poor Rich Pesos

8. Ray Muney, follow on Instagram: @Ray Muney and watch more on Youtube: Ray Muney

9. Marley Young, follow on Instagram: @Marley Young and watch more on Youtube: Marley Young  

10. Dellio, follow on Instagram: @Dellio and watch more on Youtube: Dellio 

Other Kansas City Rappers To Check Out:

Kstylis, follow on Instagram: @Kstylis and watch on YouTube: KStylis

Brandoshis, follow on Instagram: @Brandoshis and watch on YouTube: Brandoshis

KC Young Boss, follow on Instagram: @KCYoungBoss and watch on Youtube: KCYoungBoss  

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**The list above is not the full list of all of the talented Kansas City rap artist, if an artist is missing email media@kulturevulturez.com