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List of Best Rappers from Kansas City

In the heart of the Midwest resides a city that has produced a handful of rappers from Kansas City.  A city with its own style, persona, and culture, there is not a place in the country that can be compared to the city known as Killa City.  Not the largest city, with heart of the community being along Prospect Ave. on the East Side and South Side, but the city is still large enough to produce a rap scene and to have a market in hip hop.

Long before the rise of Kansas City rappers, and the start of hip hop music in general, music within the city’s black and urban community was based around jazz and blues music in the historic area of 18th and Vine.  Fast forwarding decades later, music for the community east of Troost Avenue, the city’s historical racial dividing line, is centered solely around rap music.  Some of the earlier pioneers of the Kansas City hip hop scene were artists like Tech N9ne, Fat Tone, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Ghetto Kaos, Skatterman, Snug Brim, Rich The Factor, Rondoe, The Popper, and many more that have paved the way for today’s Kansas City rappers.

The biggest artist to truly represent Kansas City has always been Tech N9ne.  From the heart of the city’s South Side, Tech N9ne began his career as a true street artist and became regionally known after the club hit “Let’s Get F***ed Up” with 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains.  Eventually Tech N9ne would surpass the local market and become internationally known, along with his Strange Music brand.

Historically, Kansas City has always had ties with Bay Area hip hop, leading to an influence within the local community and rap scene. Eventually, rappers from Kansas City have came out of the shadows of Northern Cali. Beginning with artists like Young Devi D, Dellio, Dre Youngin, and a handful of others, the new generation of Kansas City rappers that began during the mid-2010s has continued to expand year after year, especially with the help of rappers like Young Cat.

Top 12 Kansas City Rappers

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1. Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne is not only a prominent figure in the Kansas City rap scene, but one of hip-hop’s true icons. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Tech N9ne is celebrated for his unique style, fast-paced rhymes, and complex lyrics. His music reflects a deep understanding of human emotions and personal struggles. He has collaborated with several high-profile artists and has released numerous critically acclaimed albums. Tech N9ne’s contributions to the rap industry have helped to put Kansas City on the map as a hub for hip-hop talent.

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2. Sleazyworld Go

Sleazyworld Go is one of today’s generation top rising rap artists. Known for his unfiltered style, Sleazyworld Go’s music stands miles apart from most rappers from Kansas City. Since his brief time in the rap game, he has released songs like “Sleazy Flow” with Lil Baby, “Sleazy Flow,” “Step 1” with Offset, “Off The Court” with Polo G, and “What They Gone Do To Me?”

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3. Kstylis

Kstylis, a rapper and songwriter, has made a name for himself with his innovative style of rap music. He is best known for his dance-oriented songs which incorporate elements of hip hop and electronica. Kstylis’ music is often characterized by its high-energy beats and catchy hooks, making it popular among dance music enthusiasts. He has managed to carve out a niche for himself in the competitive music industry and continues to push the boundaries of his genre with his creative output.

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4. Yung Cat

Yung Cat has long emerged as the reputation for the streets of the Midwest City known as Killa City. His music often paints a vivid picture of life’s harsh realities. His hard-hitting lyrics combined with his unique flow have garnered him a strong following in the local rap community, becoming one of the respected rappers from Kansas City.

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5. Rich The Factor

Rich The Factor, born Richard Johnson, is considered a legend in Kansas City’s rap scene. With a career spanning over two decades, the veteran rapper has released over 30 albums and has managed to maintain a consistent and distinct style. Known for his entrepreneurial lyrics that offer streetwise wisdom and business acumen, Rich The Factor has carved out a unique space for himself in the world of rap music.

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6. Rory Fresco

Rory Fresco, on the other hand, represents the new generation of Kansas City rappers. Fresco gained mainstream attention after his song “Low Key” autoplayed on SoundCloud following Kanye West’s “Real Friends” in 2016. His music is a fusion of auto-tune crooning and hard-hitting hip-hop beats, creating a unique sound that resonates with today’s youth. Not only is he one of the most popular in Kansas City rappers, but Fresco has also managed to gain a national following.

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7. 2 Times

2 Times has for years released music that depicts life in Kansas City, reflecting both its challenges and its good side. 2 Times’ distinct style and compelling narratives have earned him a dedicated fanbase that appreciates his authentic portrayal of urban life. His most known songs have been “Gotta Keep One,” “I’m On Ya Line 2,” “Blow On Me,” and more.

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8. D Walk

DWalk is a versatile rapper whose music ranges from hard-hitting tracks to more introspective pieces. His diverse discography, of albums like Welcome to the L6nd (2023), The Biggest 6 (2022), and Show Me Now (2018), showcases his ability to explore various themes and emotions in his music, setting him apart from many of the Kansas City rappers. DWalk’s unique approach to hip hop has helped him gain recognition not just in Kansas City but across the country.

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9. KC Young Boss

KC Young Boss has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the Kansas City rap scene. He is not only a talented rapper, but his overall persona has led to a number of Kansas City hip-hop gravitate to the veteran MC. His profound lyrics and strong delivery have earned him a solid fan base, which continues to grow with each release.

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10. Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don is another rising talented rappers from Kansas City who is making waves in the rap scene. Known for his gritty lyrics and energetic performances, Dewey Da Don brings authenticity and raw emotion to his music. His work is a reflection of life in Kansas City, and he uses his platform to share stories from the streets that are often overlooked.

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11. 2Gunn Kevi

2Gunn Kevi is another Kansas City rapper who has made a name for himself with his gritty lyrics and distinctive flow. His music reflects the struggles and realities of street life, making him a voice for the unheard. Despite any challenges that one has faced on the journey to becoming a rapper, 2Gunn Kevi continues to rise in the rap game, proving that talent and determination can overcome any obstacle.

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12. MB58

MB58 brings a fresh perspective to the Kansas City rap scene with his unique style. He seamlessly blends Kansas City culture into his music, creating a sound that is truly his own. His versatility and creativity have earned him recognition and respect among his peers and fans alike.

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Honorable Mention Kansas City Rappers:

STK Kmoney Instagram: @STK Kmoney and Youtube: STK Kmoney

Chef Boy Ching Instagram: @Chef Boy Ching and Youtube: Chef Boy Ching

 C.W. Da YoungBlood Instagram: @C.W. Da YoungBlood and Youtube: C.W. Da YoungBlood

 Daduworld Instagram: @Daduworld and Youtube: Daduworld

Ray Muney Instagram: @Ray Muney and Youtube: Ray Muney

 Amira Wang Instagram: @Amira Wang and Youtube: Amira Wang

Lyndale Instagram: @Lyndale and Youtube: Lyndale

Roblo DaStar Instagram: @Roblo DaStar and Youtube: Roblo DaStar

YGKC Instagram: @YGKC and Youtube: YGKC

Marley Young Instagram: @Marley Young and Youtube: Marley Young  

 Wax Gotti Instagram: @Wax Gotti and Youtube: Wax Gotti

FA (Fonk Artist) Instagram: @FA (Fonk Artist) and Youtube: FA (Fonk Artist)

Poor Rich Pesos Youtube: Poor Rich Pesos and Instagram: @Poor Rich Pesos

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