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List of Top Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Stockton Rappers

In the shadows of the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Los Angeles hip hop scenes is a place that consists of Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto and Stockton rappers, California’s Central Valley.  Along Highway 99 is a long four stretch stretch that connects the cities of Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto, and Stockton in a region known as Central Valley.

Contrary to the more widely known Southern and Northern California, Central Valley is a lesser known part of the state that was not as popular with outsiders until the rise of hip hop music and Stockton rappers and artists from other cities brought a spotlight to the region.

The Central Valley is home to the same urban landscapes, gangs, street activity, and hip-hop culture that characterizes other parts of California. It’s a diverse community that features African American, Asian, and Hispanic rappers, each of whom is exceptionally gifted and offers authentic representation of the area.

As the light shines on hip hop and rap music from the Bay Area and Los Angeles, Central Valley should not be overlooked or should not disregarded.  Many have witness the success over the years of top Stockton rappers like MBNel, Young Slo-Be, Acito, and Haiti Babii, Modesto rappers like Bankrol Hayden, Fresno rappers like Fashawn and Baeza, or Bakersfield rappers like Runitup Jaybo, proven that there is much talent in the four cities that makeup the majority of the Central Valley.

Top Central Valley Rappers

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1. Bankrol Hayden (Modesto)
Follow on Instagram: @Bankrol Hayden and Watch on YouTube: Bankrol Hayden

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2. MBNel (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram: @MBNel and Watch on YouTube: MBNel

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3. Young Slo-Be (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram: @Young Slo-Be and Watch on YouTube:  Young Slo-Be

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4. Haiti Baby (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram: @Haiti Baby and Watch on YouTube: Haiti Baby

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5. EBK Young Joc (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram: @EBK Young Joc and Watch on YouTube: EBK Young Joc

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6. Acito (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram: @Acito and Watch on YouTube: Acito

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7. Baeza (Fresno)
Follow on Instagram: @Baeza and Watch on YouTube: Baeza

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8. Lil1700adrian (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram: @Lil1700adrian and Watch on YouTube: Lil1700adrian

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9. Runitup Jaybo (Bakersfield)
Follow on Instagram: @RunItUp Jaybo and Watch on YouTube: Runitup Jaybo

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10. Salsalino (Fresno)
Follow on Instagram:  @Salsalino and Watch on YouTube: Salsalino

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11. BounceBackMeek (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram:  @BounceBackMeek and Watch on YouTube: BounceBackMeek

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12. Yung Gabe (Stockton)
Follow on Instagram:  @Yung Gabe and Watch on YouTube: Yung Gabe

Honorable Mention Central Valley Rappers

 Tweety Brd (Modesto) Instagram: @Tweety Brd and Youtube: Tweety Brd

Nicky 900 (Stockton) Instagram: @nicky900 and Youtube: Nicky900

Muski (Stockton) Instagram: @Muski and Youtube: Muski

Feezy YF (Stockton) Instagram: @FeezyYF and Youtube: Feezy YF

Yung Mel GGM (Modesto) Instagram: @Yung Mel GGM and Youtube: Yung Mel GGM

Slim $aucyy (Bakersfield) Instagram: @Slim Saucyy  and Youtube: Slim Saucyy

YV Baby (Fresno) Instagram: @YV Baby and Youtube: YV Baby

KiloTalkMoney (Stockton) Instagram: @KiloTalkMoney and Youtube: KiloTalkMoney

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