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Top 15 Kentucky Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Kentucky List

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Kentucky Rappers

List of the Top Rappers from Kentucky

In a southern state that has not have much light shed on it, Kentucky rappers have developed a small but recognizable rap scene, with artists like Jack Harlow, 2KBABY, EST Gee and many more.

Despite being the home to some of the nation’s top college basketball programs through the universities of Louisville and Kentucky, the Kentucky Derby, and the state’s largest city of Louisville, the state of Kentucky has not been known for much. This will soon change with the rise of hip-hop music and the numerous artists from Kentucky entering the music industry.

The birthplace of Bryson Tiller, legendary group of Kentucky rappers by the name of Nappy Roots, and late successful singer and songwriter Static Major, who worked with numerous top industry artists from Aaliyah to Lil Wayne, there has always been musical talent within the borders of Kentucky.

The first entry on the list is not only the biggest rap star in Kentucky, but right now one of the hottest rappers in the world as Jack Harlow has won the heart of millions of fans.  No one can deny the talent of Jack Harlow with his creative wordplay, as that has always been there, but viewing his early days in hip-hop around 2017 with the nerdy look compared to his more recent time in hip hop, he has managed to truly become an icon in the rap game.

Next up is one of the fastest rising street rappers in the game, EST Gee.  Since entering the game with the song “Stains,” EST Gee has kept feeding the streets with quality music.  Rounding out the top three is the melodic rapper 2KBaby.  No matter who you are or where you are from, his music has touched hundreds of fans, especially with songs like “Old Streets,” “Betta,” and “Old Soul”, the pain that 2KBaby expresses through his music has elevated him to the top of the rap game.

Those three are the main artists of the Kentucky rap scene, which is mostly based in Louisville with a small presence in Lexington, Bowling Green, Paducah, and in northern Kentucky.  The below list of the top 15 rappers from Kentucky goes more in depth as most artists are still either local or regional.

Top 15 Kentucky Rappers

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1. Jack Harlow 
Follow on Instagram: @Jack Harlow and watch on Youtube: Jack Harlow

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2. EST Gee
Follow on Instagram: @EST Gee and watch on Youtube: EST Gee

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Follow on Instagram: @2KBABY and watch on Youtube: 2KBABY

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4. The Homies
Follow on Instagram: @The Homies and watch on Youtube: The Homies

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5. Troy Money
Follow on Instagram: @Troy Money and watch on Youtube: Troy Money

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6. Lil 30
Follow on Instagram: @Lil 30 and watch on Youtube: Lil 30

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7. E The Profit
Follow on Instagram: @E the Profit and watch on Youtube: E The Profit

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8. HBlocc Duke
Follow on Instagram: @HBlocc Duke and watch on Youtube: HBlocc Duke

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9. WunTayk Timmy
Follow on Instagram: @WunTayk Timmy and watch on Youtube: WunTayk Timmy

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10. NFM Drama 
Follow on Instagram: @NFM Drama and watch on Youtube: NFM Drama

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11. Bblasian
Follow on Instagram: @Bblasian and watch on Youtube: Bblasian

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12. Heavy Honcho
Follow on Instagram: @Heavy Honcho and watch on Youtube: Heavy Honcho

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13. Dbenzo
Follow on Instagram: @Dbenzo and watch on Youtube: Dbenzo

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14. Markie
Follow on Instagram: @Markie and watch on Youtube: Markie

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15. $lowbucks
Follow on Instagram: @$lowbucks and watch on Youtube: $lowbucks

Honorable Mention Rappers from Kentucky:

$ackLeader Won Instagram: @$ackLeader Won and Youtube: $ackLeader Won

Paperboy Casino Instagram: @Paperboy Casino and Youtube: Paperboy Casino

tge lu mike Instagram: @tge lu mike and Youtube: tge lu mike

Boss Marino Instagram: @Boss Marino and Youtube: Boss Marino

Q Balla Instagram: @Q Balla and Youtube: Q Balla

 Mic Sinatra Instagram: @Mic Sinatra and Youtube: Mic Sinatra

Lil Zayo Instagram: @Lil Zayo and Youtube: Lil Zayo

Loafed Up Instagram: @Loafed Up and Youtube: Loafed Up

First Lady NC Instagram: @First Lady NC and Youtube: First Lady NC

Atm Tezzy Instagram: @Atm Tezzy and Youtube: Atm Tezzy

– Trap Quidi Instagram: @Trap Quidi and Youtube: Trap Quidi

MB Cobi Instagram: @MB Cobi and Youtube: MB Cobi

a1 juug Instagram: @a1 juug and Youtube: a1 juug

Dame Debiase Instagram: @Dame Debiase and Youtube: Dame Debiase

*Make sure to leave a comment, for missing artists or anything related to Kentucky hip hop.

Top Kentucky Rap Youtube Channels:

Moondo Productions   |   Flacko Productions

SavagePope Productions   |   Deadskies

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, along with the most recent views, being near the top.

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