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List of the Top 15 Best Phoenix Rappers

Overlooked by the larger West Coast markets of Los Angeles and Northern California’s the Bay Area and Sacramento, rappers from Phoenix having pushing through of late. Being a transplant city with people from all over the country relocating to Phoenix for cheaper and/or better living, Phoenix rappers are a hidden talent within the rap world.

Just like other cities there were rappers from Arizona before the surge of hip hop and rap artists during the late 2010s and 2020s. Artists like Willy Northpole, Freez (FeezTV), Ridah, C-Thug, are just a few of the top artists of past generations. The recent surge has led a formable rap scene, mostly within the metropolitan area of Phoenix.

Of today’s era, the most known and most accomplished artist has consistently been Futuristic. Originally from Illinois before relocating to Arizona during his high school years, the vet has been making major moves for quite some time now. With music that is more fun compared to your typical street and emo rap, Futuristic has grown a diverse fanbase, expanding well outside of Arizona.

Almost as successful, the Montana native of Rezcoast Grizz is another star among the Arizona rappers. More of a versatile artist that often transitions from rap music to alternative music, Rezcoast Grizz made his way to Arizona years ago. For the homegrown lovers and for true fans that appreciate an artist that masters the art of hip hop with real lyrics that bring out thought, then Sincerely Collins is among Arizona’s best representation.

Outside of the top three Arizona rappers, many artists do not have the large of a following outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area. In what is some may considered a hidden market and in the shadows of California’s booming rap scenes, Phoenix rappers have been struggling to gain recognition within West Coast hip hop, despite the talent. As new times emerge and new generations rise, rappers from Arizona of 2022 are slowly bringing to light one of the West Coast’s fastest growing rap scenes.

Top 15 Phoenix Rappers (Arizona)

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1. Futuristic. Follow on Instagram: @Futurisitic and Watch more on Youtube: Futuristic

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2. Rezcoast Grizz. Follow on Instagram: @Rezcoast Grizz and Watch on Youtube: Rezcoast Grizz

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3. Sincerely Collins. Follow on Instagram: @sincerely collins and Watch on Youtube: sincerely collins

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4. Ali Tomineek. Follow on Instagram: @Ali Tomineek and Watch on Youtube: Ali Tomineek

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5. Lil Prada. Follow on Instagram: @Lil Prada and Watch on Youtube: Lil Prada

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6. The Desert Baby. Follow on Instagram: @The Desert Baby and Watch on Youtube: The Desert Baby

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7. Alexcis. Follow on Instagram: @Alexcis and Watch on Youtube: Alexcis

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8. Rick Tayy. Follow on Instagram: @Rick Tayy and Watch on Youtube: Rick Tayy

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9. Dizzie Inkz. Follow on Instagram: @Dizzie Inkz and Watch on Youtube: Dizzie Inkz

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10. Kill Stacy. Follow on Instagram: @Kill Stacy and Watch on Youtube: Kill Stacy

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11. Dann G. Follow on Instagram: @Dann G and Watch on Youtube: Dann G

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12. G-Moe. Follow on Instagram: @G-Moe and Watch on Youtube: G-Moe

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13. Judge Da Boss. Follow on Instagram: @Judge Da Boss and Watch on Youtube: judge da boss

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14. Murkemz. Follow on Instagram: @Murkemz and Watch on Youtube: Murkemz

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15. Yung Face. Follow on Instagram: @Yung Face and Watch on Youtube: Yung Face

Honorable Mention Phoenix/Arizona Rappers:

Cash Squad.   Youtube: Cash Squad

Slim Billions. Instagram: @Slim Billions  |  Youtube: Slim Billions

Joe Boii. Instagram: @Joe Boii  |  Youtube: Joe Boii

Marquel Deljuan. Instagram: @Marquel Deljuan  |  Youtube: Marquel Deljuan

vonte mays. Instagram: @vonte mays  |  Youtube: vonte mays

Dub Fuego. Instagram: @Dub Fuego  |  Youtube: Dub Fuego

Chris Coke. Instagram: @Chris Coke |  Youtube: Chris Coke

Jay Waves. Instagram: @Jay Waves |  Youtube: Jay Waves

E Fresh. Instagram: @E Fresh |  Youtube: E Fresh

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