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List of Top Vietnamese Rappers

While having troubles pinpointing the start of Vietnamese hip hop music, but of late Vietnamese rappers have greatly created one of the world’s fastest growing and most passionate hip hop scenes. In the heart of Southeast Asia’s growing rap and hip hop market is a large roster of multitalented Vietnamese rap artists.

Within the Vietnamese hip hop scene is a large presence of battle rappers and freestylers, like Sóc Nâu and Thành Draw, and rap contests and contestant shows, like the hit series RAP VIET. Outside of the battle rappers, freestylers, and star contestants is the real rap scene of Vietnam. During the 2000s and start of the 2010s, at the top of the rap game were Vietnamese rappers like KARIK, Khánh Jayz, Binz, Phong Lê, VietDragon, SouthGanZ, Khanh Nhỏ, G-Family, Huỳnh James, and many others alongside today’s top rappers that have continued their careers well into today’s rap game, which are highlighted in the list below.

A lengthy list of Vietnamese rappers that range from national stars to Vietnamese rap artists that are on a rise. The nationwide stars includes one of the country’s top performers and artistic creatives, Đen. Veterans and pioneers like KARIK, one of Vietnam’s first internationally known rap artists, and Wowy, transitioning into a successful solo career from his days with SouthGanZ. Binz, one of Vietnam’s most gifted artists who led the Vietnamese rap wave of the 2000s into the new age of hip hop music. Suboi leading women in Vietnamese hip hop, while also paving a way and becoming a key factor in hip-hop’s growth in Vietnam.

While the vets, OGs, and pioneers are steadying their careers, but the list of newcomers is as equally as talent and contributive to the whole Vietnamese rap movement. Vietnamese rappers that took their careers off the ground during the mid and late 2010s like Tlinh, RPT MCK, Dế Choắt, Low G, Khói, Pháo, WEAN, and various others are among the new batch of rap artists in Vietnam that have transformed the country’s music and entertainment industry into a flourishing market for hip hop music.

Top 25 Vietnamese Rappers

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1. Đen Follow on Instagram: @Đen and watch on YouTube: Đen

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2. KARIK Follow on Instagram: @KARIK and watch on YouTube: KARIK

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3. tlinh Follow on Instagram: @tlinh and watch on YouTube: tlinh

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4. Binz Follow on Instagram: @Binz and watch on YouTube: Binz

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5. rpt mck  Follow on Instagram: @rpt mck and watch on YouTube: rpt mck

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6. Suboi Follow on Instagram: @Suboi and watch on YouTube: Suboi

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7. Wowy  Follow on Instagram: @Wowy and watch on YouTube: Wowy 

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8. Dế Choắt  Follow on Instagram: @Dế Choắt and watch on YouTube: Dế Choắt

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9. Khói  Follow on Instagram: @Khói and watch on YouTube: Khói

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10. Low G  Follow on Instagram: @Low G and watch on YouTube: Low G

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11. Pháo  Follow on Instagram: @Pháo and watch on YouTube: Pháo

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12. Andree Right Hand  Follow on Instagram: @Andree Right Hand and watch on YouTube: Andree Right Hand

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13. 16 typh  Follow on Instagram: @16 typh and watch on YouTube: 16 typh

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14. WEAN  Follow on Instagram: @WEAN and watch on YouTube: WEAN

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15. PC  Follow on Instagram: @PC and watch on YouTube: PC

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16. Phúc Du  Follow on Instagram: @Phúc Du and watch on YouTube: Phúc Du

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17. QNT  Follow on Instagram: @QNT and watch on YouTube: QNT

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18. Wxrdie  Follow on Instagram: @Wxrdie and watch on YouTube: Wxrdie

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19. Sol7  Follow on Instagram: @Sol7 and watch on YouTube: Sol7

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20. Seachains  Follow on Instagram: @Seachains and watch on YouTube: Seachains

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21. Lil Wuyn Follow on Instagram: @Lil Wuyn and watch on YouTube: Lil Wuyn

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22. Tage  Follow on Instagram: @Tage and watch on YouTube: Tage

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23. Winno Follow on Instagram: @Winno and watch on YouTube: Winno

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24. Coldzy Follow on Instagram: @Coldzy and watch on YouTube: Coldzy

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25. Par SG Follow on Instagram: @Par SG and watch on YouTube: Par SG

Honorable Mention Vietnamese Rappers:

Lăng LD Instagram: @Lăng LD and YouTube: Lăng LD

Bình Gold Instagram: @Bình Gold and YouTube: Bình Gold

TOFU Instagram: @TOFU and YouTube: TOFU

Tùng TeA Instagram: @Tùng TeA and YouTube: Tùng TeA

VSoul Instagram: @VSoul and YouTube: VSoul

willistic Instagram: @willistic and YouTube: willistic

Jombie Instagram: @Jombie and YouTube: Jombie

Freaky Instagram: @Freaky and YouTube: Freaky

Gill Instagram: @Gill and YouTube: Gill

LK Instagram: @LK and YouTube: LK


ICD Instagram: @ICD and YouTube: ICD

Minh Lai Instagram: @MinhLai and YouTube: MinhLai

Hurrykng Instagram: @HURRYKNG and YouTube: HURRYKNG

RPT Orijinn Instagram: @RPT Orijinn and YouTube: RPT Orijinn

B-Wine Instagram: @B-Wine and YouTube: B-Wine

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