Turkish Female Rappers

List of the Best Female Turkish Rappers

With Turkey having one of the world’s largest rap scenes, the country’s lineup has produced several top Turkish female rappers, all competing alongside their male counterparts. While female Turkish rappers are still expanding their presence in Turkey’s hip hop scene, the talent is undeniable, proven through the stars like Ayben, Rozz Kalliope, Yase and several others.

Top 7 Turkish Female Rappers

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1. Lil Zey

Lil Zey, a DJ and hip-hop artist, devoted a considerable amount of time in the United States to learn about the music industry and perfect her hip-hop skills. In 2019, she made her debut by collaborating with rapper KÖK$VL on “Ötede Dur” and with Khontar on “Yolumuz Yol Değil”. She has become one of the leading Turkish female rappers in Turkey’s hip hop scene, with her most popular songs including “Heveslenmem” and “Only Fans”, as well as multiple tracks on her album Kara Tiyatro.

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ALIZADE, who has Middle Eastern and Bosnian roots, made her debut in Turkish hip hop in 2019 with the tracks “Make Up” and “Gucci”. She has gained popularity for her songs such as “Anormal”, “Kalbin bana kaldı”, and “Estafurla”, and has recently released her first album, titled Latin Virgin. Since her arrival, all of her works have been well received by audiences.

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3. Elanur

Although Elanur’s music collection is limited since her debut song “Bela,” she has established herself as a prominent female rapper in the Turkish hip-hop scene. She has gained recognition through popular tracks such as “Bella,” “Sakin,” and “21/Queen,” and continues to expand her catalog.

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4. Rozz Kalliope

In 2018, Rozz Kalliope made her first appearance in the music industry with her track “Junya Mafia”. As a prominent female rapper in Turkish hip hop, she has released popular songs such as “Benjamins” (versions 2 and 3), “Roket”, “Darılmışsın”, and “Değişmem”.

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5.  Yase

“Bela Adım” is the hit record that introduced the Turkish hip-hop world to Yase. Debuting in 2019, Yase has continued her rise through Turkey’s music scene with hot records like “Dengem Bozuluyo”.

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6. Ayben

One of the first Turkish female rappers to step out in the music industry, Ayben first appeared in 2008 with the album release of Sensin O. A career spanning over three decades, she released popular Turkish hip hop songs like “Başkan”, “Fenomen” with Ceza, and “Yol Ver”, all released on her 2017 sophomore album Başkan.

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7. Eva

Embracing the hip-hop culture at a very young age, Eva would first become a student and a fan of the genre during the 2000s before entering Turkey’s rap scene. Her first release was the song “Leş” in 2019. While still gaining momentum, Eva has continued to release several follow ups to her debut release.

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Honorable Mention Female Turkish Rappers:

Kool Jane Instagram: @Kool Jane and YouTube: Kool Jane

Idyl Instagram: @Idyl and YouTube: Idyl

aia Instagram: @aia and YouTube: aia

Ayşe Betül Instagram: @Ayşe Betül and YouTube: Ayşe Betül

Chain-B Instagram: @Chain-B and YouTube: Chain-B

Drina Instagram: @Drina and YouTube: Drina

Allin Instagram: @Allin and YouTube: Allin

Perma Instagram: @Perma and YouTube: Perma

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