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Map of Houston Hoods (Full Tour of Houston Streets)

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Houston Hoods

Map and Tour of Houston Gangs & Hoods

From the North Side to the South Side, there are various Houston hoods that have an extensive background producing a number of H-Town legends in places like Acres Homes, Fifth Ward, South Park, Alief, Third Ward, many more throughout Harris County.

Being divided between the North Side and South Side, Houston has been influential to hoods and communities across the nation, from the city’s lingo to the city’s laid-back culture. While influential, there are outside of influences that has led to a number of Houston gangs, like Hoovers, Crips, Pirus, Black Disciples, Bloods, and various Mexican gangs. The map below breaks down most Houston hoods, while still in progress identifying Houston gangs of certain neighborhoods.

Map of Houston Hoods & Gangs

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Houston Hoods: Southeast

A trip to the South Side of Houston will lead one to witness the childhood homes of numerous Houston legends. The Southeast of Houston includes the 3rd Ward, Yellowstone, Sunnyside, South Park, and South Acres.  Within these Houston hoods are sections like the Cuney Homes, Herschelwood, Bricker Park, Cloverland, the Dead End and more.

The Third Ward, which is near MacGregor Park and Texas Southern University, has been one of the largest black communities in the country, since the beginning of the 1900s, once famously known for local entertainment and hundreds of black-owned businesses.

After the removal of segregation laws during the 1960s, former all-white communities were now having black families to relocate into multiple neighborhoods of Houston’s Southeast side, areas like South Park and Sunnyside as blacks were beginning to leave the Third Ward.

Houston Hoods: Southwest

From Hiram Clarke to Mo City (Missouri City) to Alief, the streets of the Southwest Houston ghetto areas have the largest territory, expanding from Dairy Ashford to Alameda Road.

With Alief being a highly density populated area of apartment complexes, like Braeswood or Forum Park, and MO City and Hiram Clarke consisting of multiple ‘hoods and subdivisions, Southwest Houston seems to hold much of the Southside’s population. 

The urban population of Southwest Houston began to grow during the 1970s, beginning with Hiram Clarke, and continued during the 1980s and 1990s into certain neighborhoods of Missouri City and Alief, Texas.

Houston Hoods: Northeast

From the Fifth Ward to Kashmere Gardens, to the multiple neighborhoods along Homestead, and not to forget Lakewood and Wayside, Northeast Houston consists of many iconic communities and produced a number of local and national legends, J. Prince, George Forman, and Slim Thug.

Just north of downtown is the Fifth Ward, which was once one of the city’s most thriving black area, Lyons Avenue being the heart of the community. After the ending of segregation during the 1960s, former all-white communities became all-black neighborhoods, in places like Trinity Gardens and Kashmere Gardens, as blacks were beginning to leave the Fifth Ward.

By the 1970s, Houston’s black population dominated the city’s Northeast side in areas like Wayside, Lakewood, and Homestead, from Rosewood to Riverwood.

Houston Hoods: Northwest

West of Interstate 45, the Northwest Side grew out of the historic black communities of Acres Homes, Carverdale, and Studewood into various neighborhoods like Inwood, Yale Street, and Greenspoint.

The largest community of the North Side is Acres Homes, expanding from Gulf Bank to West Tidwell. A diverse neighborhood, made up of apartment complexes like Garden City and Copper Tree, neighborhoods like Carver Road and Lincoln City, and rural areas that resemble small farmland, between Tidwell and Little York.

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