Mobile Alabama Hoods

Map and Tour of the Mobile AL Streets

Take a scroll through this large southern city with a map highlighting the Mobile Alabama hoods. Located at the bottom, along the Alabama’s Gulf Coast shores, Mobile has become known for a number of legendary hoods of the city’s North and South sides, as well in the nearby city of Prichard.

Unknown if there are any Mobile Alabama gangs, like Bloods and Crips or Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords, but the streets of Mobile have been often highlighted with the recent rise of numerous rap stars coming out of the city over the past few years.

While over the years, going back multiple generations into the 1980s and 1990s, neighborhoods have had beefs with one another, especially within the housing projects, only increasing with the closing of several projects. Despite ‘hood beefs, gangs in Mobile are more than likely nonexistent, at least compared to other cities.

A way from the gangs, get a chance to view and know just about every neighborhood in the city, from the reputable hoods of Crichton, Down the Bay, Campground, Maysville, and Toulminville, to the projects of Orange Grove, Roger Williams, R.V. Taylor, Birdsville, the Baltimore projects, and neighboring Prichard, which was once the home of the Bessemer projects.

Map of Mobile Alabama Gangs & Hoods

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