Top Alabama Rappers:

List of the Best Rappers from Alabama

With rappers from Alabama like Doe B, the Last Mr. Big, the rap group Dirty, and Rich Boy already proving that there is much talent among Alabama rappers, whether they are from Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham, or even from smaller cities like Huntsville. Neighboring Georgia, rappers from Alabama have often fallen in the shadows of Atlanta, even top rapper Gucci Mane was originally from Alabama before migrating to East Atlanta.

Currently, Alabama rappers have emerged at the forefront and as the faces of southern rap music.  With a large urban population across the state, the roster of rappers from Alabama has grown quite large over the years as artists from Birmingham all the way down to Mobile have finally gained the proper recognition.

Today’s Top Alabama Rappers

As we speak, there are over a dozen top Alabama rappers.  Rappers like Yung Bleu, one of hip hop’s top melodic artists who has emerged to be considered as one of the world’s top rising stars in music.  Flo Milli, one of the leaders of the growing movement of women in hip hop.  OMB Peezy, with E-40 backing him, the Mobile native was the first top artist of the new wave Alabama rappers.  Rylo Rodriguez and No Cap, two artists that have ties with one another, but separately are two of the hottest rappers in the game.

Those five are just a small sample size of what is to be expected from the down south music scene of rappers from Alabama, especially with the rise of Big Yavo, the anticipated comeback of Honeykomb Brazy, and Birmingham rappers like TLE Cinco, Luh Soldier, Dada1K, Li Heat, and Lil Bam setting standards and having an impact on not only the state’s hip-hop scene, but also emerging southern stars.

Currently, Mobile has been the number one city in the state with producing the number one stars of Alabama.  In previous years, the city of Montgomery was reigning in Alabama, especially with Doe B alongside CBM and rappers like D-Aye, Eldorado Red, and Rubberband OG. Regardless of the city, the showcase of talent in Alabama displays that not all of hip-hop’s best rappers come from the larger markets of Atlanta, Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles.  

Top 20 Alabama Rappers

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1. Yung Bleu follow on Instagram: @Yung Bleu and watch on Youtube: Yung Bleu

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2. No Cap follow on Instagram: @No Cap and watch on Youtube: No Cap

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3. Flo Milli follow on Instagram: @Flo Milli and watch on Youtube: Flo Milli

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4. Rylo Rodriguez follow on Instagram: @Rylo Rodriguez and watch on Youtube: Rylo Rodriguez

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5. OMB Peezy follow on Instagram: @OMB Peezy and watch on Youtube: OMB Peezy

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6. Big Yavo follow on Instagram: @BigYavo and watch on Youtube: Big Yavo

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7. HoneyKomb Brazy follow on Instagram: @Honeykomb Brazy and watch on Youtube: Honeykomb Brazy

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8. TLE Cinco follow on Instagram: @TLE Cinco and watch on Youtube: TLE Cinco

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9. Luh Soldier follow on Instagram: @Luh Soldier and watch on Youtube: Luh Soldier

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10. Lil Bam follow on Instagram: @Lil Bam and watch on Youtube: Lil Bam

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11. Rubberband OG follow on Instagram: @Rubberband OG and watch on Youtube: Rubberband OG

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12. MGM Lett follow on Instagram: @MGM Lett and watch on Youtube: MGM Lett

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13. Dada1K follow on Instagram: @Dada1k and watch on Youtube: Dada1K

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14. GMF Fatboy follow on Instagram: @GMF Fatboy and watch on Youtube: GMF Fatboy

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15. Li Heat follow on Instagram: @Li Heat and watch on Youtube: Li Heat

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16. D-Aye Follow on Instagram: @D-Aye and watch on Youtube: D-Aye

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17. Eldorado Red Follow on Instagram:@Eldorado Red and watch on Youtube: Eldorado Red

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18. Super Nard Follow on Instagram: @Super Nard and watch on Youtube: Super Nard

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19. Trenchrunner Poodie Follow On Instagram:@Trenchrunner Poodie and watch on Youtube: Trenchrunner Poodie

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20. EBE Savage Follow on Instagram: @EBE Savage and Watch on Youtube: EBE Savage

Honorable Mention Rappers from Alabama

B$C Ziggy  Youtube: B$C Ziggy and Instagram: @B$C Ziggy

Mazzeratti Duke Youtube: Mazzeratti Duke and Instagram: @Mazzeratti Duke

Jay Montana Instagram:@Jay Montana and Youtube: Jay Montana

Spacejam Bo Youtube: Spacejam Bo and Instagram:  @Spacejam Bo

Lil Daddy Instagram: @Lil Daddy and Youtube: Lil Daddy

Yung OG Instagram:@Yung OG  and Youtube: Yung OG

TSL Fetti Youtube: TSL Fetti  and Instagram:  @TSL Fetti

Xae Hardawae Youtube: Xae Hardawae  and Instagram:  @Xae Hardawae

Mello Oowee Youtube: Mello Oowee and Instagram:  @Mello Oowee

purplebaby og Youtube: purplebaby og and Instagram:  @purplebaby og

Jr Boss Youtube: Jr Boss and Instagram:  @Jr Boss

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