Top Arkansas Rappers

List of the Top 15 Rappers from Arkansas

With two of the largest cities in the state, Little Rock and Pine Bluff, producing the majority of Arkansas rappers, along with a few artists from the state’s smaller towns, there has been a growing number of rappers from Arkansas.

Arkansas has never been recognized as a significant southern market for hip hop, lacking a noteworthy rap scene and market outside of local awareness. However, with the increasing popularity of rap music and Bankroll Freddie’s emergence as a rap star, the state is beginning to receive attention and could potentially inspire others to pursue a career in hip hop.

While in the 1990s and 2000s there were rappers from Arkansas, like Little Rock’s Ball Jones, Jonesboro’s Playa Laid, El Dorado’s Rod D, and Pine Bluff’s Loop Clique, 1540 and D.T.O Records, or Black Trump, but now there is somewhat an official music scene emerging that will hopefully solidify Arkansas as one of the top rap scenes in the country, or at least in the south.

Since Arkansas is a small state with its largest city Little Rock holding less than 200,000 residents, as the state only totals 3 million people, it will take some time for an artist to gain traction in the rap game, but with Bankroll Freddie being one of the top rappers in the industry all is possible.

Today’s Top Arkansas Rappers

With today’s stars, Arkansas’ rap scene has reached new levels never before witnessed. Rappers from Arkansas like YTB Fatt hit scene running for the number one spot after dropping “In My City” in 2022 and host of follow-ups, like “Get Back,” “Calm It Down,” and “Shot Off Gumbo.” Rundown Spaz becoming one of the number one viral rappers with his “First Day Out” (freestyle).

Bankroll Freddie, who rose to fame with his hit track “Drip Like This,” known for collaborating with several renowned rap artists such as Megan Thee Stallion and Young Dolph, since signing with the same record label as Lil Baby and the Migos. Meanwhile, BIC Fizzle, a promising young rapper, has come into the spotlight, particularly with a Gucci Mane endorsement. Additionally, the Arkansas rap scene has boasted Kari Faux, one of the most innovative female rap artists on the rise.

Arkansas rappers like Mudbaby Ru or Cee Kay have constantly showcased the authenticity of the streets of Arkansas. Up-and-coming artists such as PME Jaybee, LG Malique, and Rundown Choppaboy have also experienced a surge in popularity as southern rappers, gaining a reach that stretches beyond Arkansas. Meanwhile, Cootie from Blytheville is steadily making a name for himself in the rap industry, while ZaeHD is bringing a unique style and confidence to the scene.

The list and lineup continues below with a roster of some of hip-hop’s most talented rap artists. While mostly street rappers, rappers from Arkansas have all the potential to create the country’s next top rap scene.

Top 15 Arkansas Rappers

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1. YTB Fatt
Follow on Instagram: @YTB Fatt and watch on YouTube: YTB Fatt

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2. Rundown Spaz
Follow on Instagram: @Rundown Spaz and watch on YouTube: Rundown Spaz

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3. BIC Fizzle
Follow on Instagram: @BIC Fizzle and watch on YouTube: BIC Fizzle

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4. Cootie
Follow on Instagram: @Cootie and watch on YouTube: Cootie

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5. Mudbaby Ru
Follow on Instagram: @Mudbaby Ru and watch on YouTube: Mudbaby Ru

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6. Bankroll Freddie
Follow on Instagram: @Bankroll Freddie and watch on YouTube: Bankroll Freddie

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7. DLU Kemp
Follow on Instagram: @DLU Kemp and watch on YouTube: DLU Kemp

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8. ZaeHD
Follow on Instagram: @ZaeHD and watch on YouTube: ZaeHD

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9. Kari Faux
Follow on Instagram: @Kari Faux and watch on YouTube: Kari Faux

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10. LG Malique
Follow on Instagram: @LG Malique and watch on Youtube: LG Malique

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11. Rundown Choppaboy
Follow on Instagram: @Rundown Choppaboy and watch on YouTube: Rundown Choppaboy

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12. PME Jaybee
Follow on Instagram: @PME Jaybee and watch on YouTube: PME Jaybee

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13. Cee Kay
Follow on Instagram: @Cee Kay and watch on YouTube: Cee Kay

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14. Ed Dolo
Follow on Instagram: @Ed Dolo and watch on YouTube: Ed Dolo

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15. Rod D
Follow on Instagram: @Rod D and watch on YouTube: Rod D

Honorable Mention Rappers from Arkansas:

Feezi Redd Instagram: @Feezi Redd and YouTube: Feezi Redd

Mucho Reemo Instagram: @Mucho Reemo and YouTube: Mucho Reemo

King Dyl (187KD) Instagram: @King Dyl and YouTube: King Dyl

NMNN Tuka Instagram: @NMNN Tuka and YouTube: NMNN Tuka

1100 Phats Instagram: @1100 Phats and YouTube: 1100 Phats

CFN Solo Instagram: @CFN Solo and YouTube: CFN Solo

Young Quez  Instagram: @Young Quez and YoTube: Young Quez

Wuda Instagram: @Wuda and YouTube: Wuda

A1 Nino Instagram: @A1 Nino and YouTube: A1 Nino

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