Dayton Rappers

List of the Best Rappers from Dayton, Ohio

Within a small Midwestern city, in which barely reaching over 100,000 people residing within the city limits, is one of Ohio’s top rap scenes. that consist of Dayton rappers has a bulk of the talent located on the city’s West Side.  Over the years there has been an emergence of the local rap scene with decent size roster of Dayton Ohio rappers, some locally known and others with the achievement of nationwide success.

A city that birth funk music, due to the fact Dayton is the hometown of the legendary Zapp band and the Ohio Players, is now entering a new era of music, which mostly consist of Dayton rappers. While most are known locally in Ohio, there are many artists that have made a name for themselves outside of the small Ohio city,

View top Dayton Ohio rappers like Jasiah, an artist who combines hardcore rock music with rap music, or YelloPain, a top rapper with many similarities to Kevin Gates, but has developed his own lane. While Jasiah and YelloPain are the biggest stars in Dayton’s rap scene, there are a number of Dayton rappers that have built a large following and a decent catalog. From artists like L$D MPRG and Juvie2xx to rappers like Lil Eric Da Demon and C Money Baby, there is a diverse sound of rap artists within the Dayton hip hop scene.

Top 12 Dayton Ohio Rappers

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Follow on Instagram: @Jasiah and watch on Youtube: Jasiah

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2. YelloPain
Follow on Instagram: @YelloPain and watch on Youtube: Yello Pain

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Follow on Instagram: @L$D MPRG and watch on Youtube: L$D MPRG

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4. Juvie2xx
Follow on Instagram: @Juvie2xx and watch on Youtube: Juvie2xx

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5. Lil Eric Da Demon
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Eric Da Demon and watch on Youtube: Lil Eric Da Demon 

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6. Jxve
Follow on Instagram: @Jxve and watch on Youtube: Jxve

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7. C Money Baby
Follow on Instagram: @C Money Baby and watch on Youtube: C Money Baby 

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8. Bubby Galloway
Follow on Instagram: @Bubby Galloway and watch on Youtube: Bubby Galloway

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9. Mar Monroe
Follow on Instagram: @Mar Monroe and watch on Youtube: Mar Monroe

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10. Coogi B
Follow on Instagram: @Coogi B and watch on Youtube: Coogi B


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11. Daylone
Follow on Instagram: @Daylone and watch on Youtube: Daylone

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12. Goldmouf Kev
Follow on Instagram: @Goldmouf Kev and watch on Youtube: Goldmouf Kev

Honorable Mention Rappers from Dayton Ohio:

YB Krazy Kodak Instagram: @YB Krazy Kodak and Youtube: YB Krazy Kodak

Boogie Woods Instagram: @Boogie Woods and Youtube: Boogie Woods 

Teddy Byrd Instagram: @Teddy Byrd and Youtube: Teddy Byrd

Prince J-Roc Instagram: @Prince J-Roc and Youutbe: Prince J-Roc  

IROCTV Instagram: @IROCTV and Youtube: IROCTV

Jay Dot Wright Instagram: @Jay Dot Wright and Youtube: Jay Dot Wright

sleekogotbars Instagram: @sleekogotbars and Youtube: sleekogotbars

dcasso Instagram: @dcasso and Youtube: dcasso

Chop Chicken Instagram: @Chop Chicken and Youtube: Chop Chicken

Kris Kobaine Instagram: @ Kris Kobaine and Youtube:  Kris Kobaine

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email

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