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Top 12 Naptown Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Indianapolis

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Naptown Rappers:

List of the Top Indianapolis Rappers

Despite being the largest city in the state of Indiana rappers from Indianapolis have never caught national attention, with exception to comedian Mike Epps being the only person to represent the urban community within the entertainment industry.

Only a few years ago the leading Naptown rappers were the likes of Lil E, now MobFam E, Lil Scooty, Lil Noop, or Dev Demetrius, just to name a few.  With a size of city as Indianapolis it is almost impossible for there have not been any old school Indianapolis rappers or a reasonable hip hop scene of the 1990s and 2000s, but as most Midwest cities the local rap scene began to truly develop to a respectable level during the 2010s.

As the list begins, Mark Battles has truly emerged to the forefront as he has surpassed the level of being a local, or even regional rapper.  A real hip hop artist, has made many strides in the rap game, gaining almost 500k followers, 300k monthly listeners, and even a brief stint with top Atlanta record label Quality Control, all while making a name for himself nationwide. A true star in the making, BTK Villeion proves that the rap game is much more than just reciting lyrics over a beat, you have to have the charisma, the persona, and the swag to make it to certain level.

On the street level, especially within the rap genre of drill music, artists like Poloboy Nunu, YSN Marr x Lil Kam, and Occ Taee are some of the rap game’s most underrated.  Continuing with the streets StillKountin’s Stikks and Fatty come with a more reality approach to it, while an artist like Lil Scooty details the other side of the streets that most don’t explain, basically music that’s more relatable.

The roster continues as the lineup of Indianapolis rappers consists with much versatility, leading local hip hop to be one of the most underappreciated rap and hip hop scenes.  It is only a matter of time before the attention is onto what has been brewing in Indianapolis for over the last few years.

Top 12 Naptown Rappers

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1. Mark Battles, follow on Instagram: @Mark Battles and watch more on Youtube: Mark Battles

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2. BTK Villeion, follow on Instagram: @BTK Villeion and watch more on Youtube: BTK Villeion

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3. YSN Marr x Lil Kam, follow on Instagram: @Lil Kam / @YSN Marr and on Youtube: YSN Marr x Lil Kam

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4. Poloboy Nunu, follow on Instagram: @Poloboy Nunu and watch more on Youtube: Poloboy Nunu

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5. Rbm Rello, follow on Instagram: @Rbm Rello and watch more on Youtube: Rbm Rello

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6. Occ Taee, follow on Instagram: @Occ Taee and watch more on Youtube: Occ Taee

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7. Stillkountin, follow on Instagram: @Stikks / @Fatty and on Youtube: Stikks Stillkountin

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8. Parris Ladame, follow on Instagram: @Parris Ladame and watch more on Youtube: Parris Ladame

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9. Marcoo 5K, follow on Instagram: @Marcoo 5K and watch more on Youtube: Marcoo 5K

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10. Lil Scooty, follow on Instagram: @Lil Scooty and watch more on Youtube: Lil Scooty

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11. Mooder, follow on Instagram: @Mooder  and watch more on Youtube: Mooder

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12. PBT Ace, follow on Instagram: @PBT Ace and on Youtube: PBT Ace

Honorable Mention Naptown Rappers

MobFam E Instagram: @Mobfam e and Youtube: Mobfame E

Kittii Red Instagram: @Kittii Red and Youtube: Kittii Red

Melo YTO Instagram: @Melo YTO and Youtube: Melo YTO

Sec8Livin Instagram: @Sec8Livin and on Youtube: Sec8Livin

Dev Demetrius Instagram: @Dev Demetrius and Youtube: Dev Demetrius

Tw3 Dorsey Instagram: @Tw3 Dorsey and Youtube: Tw3 Dorsey

Jayster YBN Instagram: @Jayster YBN and Youtube: Jayster YBN

Lil Black GHTN Instagram: @Lil Black GHTN and Youtube: Lil Black GHTN

Playbwoi Tha Great Instagram: @Playbwoi tha Great and Youtube: Playbwoi Tha Great

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*Email media@kulturevulturez.com or leave a comment, for missing artists or anything related to Indianapolis hip hop.

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