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List of the Top Rappers from Indianapolis

In one of the largest cities in the Midwest resides a talented roster of Indianapolis rappers. Just years ago, rappers from Indianapolis were based around rap artists like Lil E, Lil Scooty, Lil Noop, and several others.  Entering the rise of rap’s popularity on the world stage, the Indianapolis rap scene has grown and expanded, flourishing like never before.

Led by stars like Mark Battles, who has become one of the most gifted and undiscovered hip-hop artists in the game, and notable artists like BTK Villeion, various Indianapolis rappers have made waves through the industry, giving exposure and setting prime examples of the talent that the city holds.

Along with major players of Mark Battles and BTK Villeion, the Indianapolis rap scene consists of various young rappers exhibiting a representation of the streets. With the younger generation, hip-hop artists like Poloboy Nunu, RBM Mello, YSN Marr x Lil Kam, and Occ Taee often give their own interpretation of Drill music, while bringing the right amount of energy into hip-hop music of Indianapolis to revive the once dull local rap scene.

As mentioned, from the notable artists of Mark Battles and BTK Villeion, whose talents have reached multiple levels beyond the locals, to the vets remaining strong in the game with the likes of Mob Fam E and Big Scooty, to a genuine connection to the streets through rappers StillKountin’s Stikks and Fatty, to the ladies like Parris Ladame and Kitti Red adding their touch to the Indy’s rap landscape, Indianapolis’ gain in hip-hop is on a considerable rise.

Top 12 Naptown Rappers

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1. Mark Battles follow on Instagram: @Mark Battles and watch on Youtube: Mark Battles

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2. Poloboy Nunu follow on Instagram: @Poloboy Nunu and watch on Youtube: Poloboy Nunu

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3. YSN Marr x Lil Kam follow on Instagram: @Lil Kam / @YSN Marr and on Youtube: YSN Marr x Lil Kam

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4. Rbm Rello follow on Instagram: @Rbm Rello and watch on Youtube: Rbm Rello

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5. MobFam E Follow on Instagram: @Mobfam e and watch on Youtube: Mobfame E

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6. BTK Villeion follow on Instagram: @BTK Villeion and watch on Youtube: BTK Villeion

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7. Occ Taee follow on Instagram: @Occ Taee and watch on Youtube: Occ Taee

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8. Stillkountin follow on Instagram: @Stikks / @Fatty and on Youtube: Stikks Stillkountin

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9. Parris Ladame follow on Instagram: @Parris Ladame and watch on Youtube: Parris Ladame

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10. Dev Demetrius Follow on Instagram: @Dev Demetrius and watch on Youtube: Dev Demetrius

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11. Mooderks follow on Instagram: @Mooder  and watch on Youtube: Mooder

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12. Lil Scooty follow on Instagram: @Lil Scooty and watch on Youtube: Lil Scooty

Honorable Mention Naptown Rappers

Marcoo 5K Instagram: @Marcoo 5K and Youtube: Marcoo 5K

Kittii Red Instagram: @Kittii Red and Youtube: Kittii Red

PBT Ace Instagram: @PBT Ace and Youtube: PBT Ace

Wild Child Tye Instagram: @Wild Child Tye and Youtube: Wild Child Tye

Melo YTO Instagram: @Melo YTO and Youtube: Melo YTO

RIC SG Instagram: @RIC SG and Youtube: RIC SG

Sec8Livin Instagram: @Sec8Livin and on Youtube: Sec8Livin

Jayster YBN Instagram: @Jayster YBN and Youtube: Jayster YBN

Lil Black GHTN Instagram: @Lil Black GHTN and Youtube: Lil Black GHTN

Playbwoi Tha Great Instagram: @Playbwoi tha Great and Youtube: Playbwoi Tha Great

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