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Top 10 Indonesian Rappers: 2022’s Best Indonesian Hip Hop Artists List

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Top Indonesian Rappers

List of Top Indonesian Hip Hop Artists

With hip hop’s global and international growth, Indonesian rappers and the Indonesian hip hop market are slowly beginning to appear onto the scene. While in the shadows of more advanced Asian rap scenes, hip hop music in Indonesia has been around since the 1980s. There were glimpses of hip hop through the likes of Benyamin Sueb and Farid Hardja, who were both musicians and actors, but the true credit goes towards Indonesian hip hop pioneer Iwa K, who carried the genre through the 1990s and into the 2000s.

In a country as large and as populous as Indonesia, along international genres like pop, rhythm and blues, rock, and even jazz having much popularity, rap and hip hop music is still somewhat in the shadows of Indonesia’s mainstream media and pop culture. While Indonesia has a population of over 200 million, the lineup of Indonesian rappers is still growing and lags behind other rap and hip hop markets in Asia.

Despite still being on the rise, there have been a number of Indonesian rappers that have helped with the growth of hip hop music and hip hop culture in Indonesia. At the top of the list is 88rising’s very own, Rich Brian. With the backing by one of Asia’s top labels, Rich Brian has become an international sensation with his music reaching multiple global markets, expanding from Asia to the United States. Since his debut in 2015, Rich Brian has reached the top of the charts, won and has been nominated for multiple awards, and has worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop, like 21 Savage and XXXTentacion.

With YouTubers turning to lyrical MCs like QG, multitalented artists showcasing their talents through various outlets and mediums like Young Lex, women breaking through barriers like RAMENGVRL, OGs still pushing like Saykoji and Roy Ricardo displaying an unmatched skill level of MCing, the creativity of artists like Erick Lim, or the swagger of Sexy Goath, along with other Indonesian rappers adding their own unique contributions, Indonesian hip hop has yet to reached its peak or its true potential.

Top 10 Indonesia Rappers

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1. Rich Brian
Watch on Youtube: Rich Brian and follow on Instagram: @Rich Brian

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2. Young Lex
Watch on Youtube: Young Lex and follow on Instagram: @Young Lex 

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3. QG aka QoryGore
Watch on Youtube: QoryGore and follow on Instagram: @QoryGore

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4. Saykoji 
Watch on Youtube: Saykoji and follow on Instagram: @Saykoji

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5. Roy Ricardo
Watch on Youtube: Roy Ricardo and follow on Instagram: @Roy Ricardo

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6. Ramengvrl
Watch on Youtube: Ramengvrl and follow on Instagram: @Ramengvrl

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7. Tuan Tigabelas 
Watch on Youtube: Tuan Tigabelas and follow on Instagram: @Tuan Tigabelas

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Watch on Youtube: TOTON CARIBO and follow on Instagram: @TOTON CARIBO

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9. Sexy Goath 
Watch on Youtube: Sexy Goath and follow on Instagram: @Sexy Goath

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10. Jacson Zeran 
Watch on Youtube: jacson zeran and follow on Instagram: @jacson zeran

Honorable Mention Indonesian Rappers:

ericko lim Youtube: ericko lim and Instagram: @ericko lim

Ben Utomo Youtube: Ben Utomo and Instagram: @Ben Utomo

A. Nayaka Youtube: A. Nayaka  and Instagram: @A. Nayaka 

Ecko Show Youtube: Ecko Show and Instagram: @Ecko Show

Kenz Youtube: Kenz and Instagram: @Kenz

Dycal Youtube: Dycal and Instagram: @Dycal

Eitaro Youtube: Eitaro and Instagram: @Eitaro

Eizy Youtube: Eizy and Instagram: @Eizy

Bas Boi Youtube: BasBoi and Instagram: @BasBoi 

Macbee Youtube: Macbee and Instagram: @Macbee

SlippyDoor Youtube: SlippyDoor  and Instagram: @SlippyDoor

Mardial Youtube: Mardial and Instagram: @Mardial

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.