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Top 15 Mississippi Rappers (Rappers from Jackson, Biloxi, more)

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Mississippi Rappers

List of Top Rappers from Mississippi

Mississippi rappers have never made a major impact or had many stars in the rap game, other than Mississippi hip hop artists of David Banner and Soulja Boy, along more regional and local artists of Smoke D, Boo Rosini, Lil C and the late Lil Lonnie.  The birthplace of blues does have a slowly rising rap scene with a handful of Mississippi rappers as the Mississippi hip hop act of Rae Sremmurd has been leading the way.

With a long history of music, primarily being one of the founding homes of blues music with the state being the birthplace of B B King, it is only right for the country’s top genre of music of hip hop and rap to makes it way into the state of Mississippi.

While not the most populous state as the bulk of the population is located in the state’s capital city of Jackson and the Gulf Coast’s Biloxi and Gulfport areas, there still is much talent throughout the state with Mississippi rappers hailing from the larger cities or the small towns within the Delta or other sections of the state. Regardless of location, Mississippi rap artists have much to offer to the country’s rap game and music industry.  Rae Sremmurd is perfect example of talent in the state, as well late up and coming artist Lil Lonnie before his death.  All is needed for rappers from Mississippi is a chance to be heard.

Top 15 Mississippi Rappers

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1. BigWalkDog
Follow on Instagram: @BigWalkDog and watch on Youtube: BigWalkDog

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2. Big Krit
Follow on Instagram: @Big Krit and watch on Youtube: Big Krit

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3. Lil Zay
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Zay and watch on Youtube: Lil Zay

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4. Nickoe
Follow on Instagram: @Nickoe and watch on Youtube: Nickoe

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5. Ant200
Follow on Instagram: @Ant200 and watch on Youtube: Ant200

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6. Backdoor Sam
Follow on Instagram: @Backdoor Sam and watch on Youtube: Backdoor Sam

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7. Kvng Zeakyy
Follow on Instagram: @Kvng Zeakyy and watch on Youtube: Kvng Zeakyy

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8. Lil Jay Brown
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Jay Brown and watch on Youtube: Lil Jay Brown

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9. A+ SVM
Follow on Instagram: @APlussvm and watch on Youtube: APlussvm

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10. Kaynine
Follow on Instagram: @Kaynine and watch on Youtube: Kaynine

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11. Guy 2x
Follow on Instagram: @Guy 2x and watch on Youtube: Guy 2x

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12. Paedro
Follow on Instagram: @Paedro and watch on Youtube: Paedro

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13. Gee Baby Out West
Follow on Instagram: @GeeBaby OutWest and watch on Youtube: GeeBaby OutWest

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14. QBG DirtyRed
Follow on Instagram: @QBG DirtyRed and watch on Youtube: QBG DirtyRed

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15. Lil Delo
Follow on Instagram: @Lil Delo and watch on Youtube: Lil Delo

Honorable Mention Mississippi rappers

Isiah BinLaden Instagram: @Isiah BinLaden  |  Youtube: Isiah BinLaden

Drevo Coolidge Instagram: @Drevo Coolidge   |  Youtube: Drevo Coolidge

Lil Meezy Instagram: @Lil Meezy   |  Youtube: Lil Meezy

outwest toot Instagram: @outwest toot   |  Youtube: outwest toot

NoCap Quan Instagram: @NoCap Quan   |  Youtube: NoCap Quan

BBN 4x Instagram: @BBN 4x   |  Youtube: BBN 4x

BTA Reco Instagram: @BTA Reco  |  Youtube: BTA Reco

Kreole Trey Instagram: @Kreole Trey   |  Youtube: Kreole Trey

Wicked Tez Instagram: @Wicked Tez  |  Youtube: Wicked Tez

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, and views are near the top.

*Make Sure to Leave a Comment, especially if anything is wrong or any artists are missing.

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